The delightful town of Isolaverde is located between the outlets of the rivers Brenta and Adige. This dune-covered area still maintains its particularly characteristic flora and fauna.

Still today this lido is called an island because it is detached from the mainland by a canal (which is partly a culvert) known as Adigetto, which joined together the two rivers. Isolaverde is the result of imposing agrarian reclamation. Thanks to its sandy terrain, Isolaverde is the ideal habitat for the cultivation of various typical products, in particular potatoes, carrots and, in recent decades, Chioggia red radicchio.

Among the areas for seaside holidays, Isolaverde is a lovely tourist resort, rich in apartment complex, holiday villages, campsites, seaside resort, marinas, swimming pools and still one of those that most respect the natural environment. Here the peculiar feature of Isolaverde is living close to nature and quietly.


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