Sottomarina Lido is situated 20 kilometres from Venice, and its seafront, which is over 3 kilometres long, is surrounded by many hotels, beach resorts and campsites.

Sottomarina beach is about ten kilometres long and it reaches in certain points 300 m in width. It is characterized and valued by the quality of its very fine sand, that contains a high percentage of augite, quartz, silicate minerals and micaceous elements.

Ventilation is regularly moderate and constant and makes Sottomarina beach an ideal place for heliotherapy, sand bathing therapy and a marvellous suntan.

Its wide and welcoming seashore is a perfect location for long strolls and relax, and the ideal children’s playground. Since 2014 Sottomarina has obtained the BLUE FLAG for the cleanliness of its bathing waters and since 2016 it has obtained the GREEN FLAG for its child-friendly beaches.

Sottomarina is a more rustic historical centre than that of Chioggia. It is linked to Chioggia by a bridge, flanked by an artificial island created after the war and known as “Isola dell’Unione”. This town centre is certainly interesting and fascinating.

Even though its lanes leading towards the water show certain analogies with those of Chioggia, its urban structure has certain original elements that are all its own.

Its small and irregular lanes, defined by the boundaries of the properties, testify to the ancient rural village where there was always a vegetable garden attached to the house. All these lanes have names, known as “detti (a kind of double surname, used to distinguish the different family branches, considering that in Sottomarina the two prevalent surnames are Boscolo and Tiozzo).

This ancient village arose in the XVII century after the destruction of the War of Chioggia (1378), and strengthened itself by building the sea walls (second half of the XVIII century). It then saw an extraordinary growth of its territory towards the sea in the XX century. This growth allowed space for town housing and the development of the beach and seaside activities.


The Beach
The Dam
The Murazzi
San Felice Stronghold
"Marina Vecia" (the old part of the city)
Lusenzo's Lagoon
Saint Martin's Church